This part of the documentation gives you a basic overview of how to help with the development of Raven.js.

Setting up an Environment

To run the test suite and run our code linter, node.js and npm are required. If you don’t have node installed, get it here first.

Installing all other dependencies is as simple as:

$ npm install

And if you don’t have Grunt already, feel free to install that globally:

$ npm install -g grunt-cli

Running the Test Suite

The test suite is powered by Mocha and can both run from the command line, or in the browser.

From the command line:

$ grunt test

From your browser:

$ grunt run:test

Then visit: http://localhost:8000/test/

Compiling Raven.js

The simplest way to compile your own version of Raven.js is with the supplied grunt command:

$ grunt build

By default, this will compile raven.js and all of the included plugins.

If you only want to compile the core raven.js:

$ grunt build.core

Files are compiled into build/.

Contributing Back Code

Please, send over suggestions and bug fixes in the form of pull requests on GitHub. Any nontrivial fixes/features should include tests. Do not include any changes to the dist/ folder or bump version numbers yourself.


The documentation is written using reStructuredText, and compiled using Sphinx. If you don’t have Sphinx installed, you can do it using following command (assuming you have Python already installed in your system):

$ pip install sphinx

Documentation can be then compiled by running:

$ make docs

Afterwards you can view it in your browser by running following command and than pointing your browser to

$ grunt run:docs

Releasing New Version

  • Bump version numbers in package.json, bower.json, and src/raven.js.
  • $ grunt dist This will compile a new version and update it in the dist/ folder.
  • Confirm that build was fine, etc.
  • Commit new version, create a tag. Push to GitHub.
  • $ grunt publish to recompile all plugins and all permutations and upload to S3.
  • $ npm publish to push to npm.
  • Confirm that the new version exists behind
  • Update version in the gh-pages branch specifically for
  • glhf